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Friday, 8 January 2010

a winter hideaway

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I have this dream of one day having a winter hideaway - a good train journey away from London where I can live a different life if only for a month or two. Isn't this house just lovely? Where would your ideal hideaway be?

Images first spotted on decor8


  1. versailles is a very nice place to look for, plus you can take do a sight paris visit on the way back to london... dream about a place where you get more sunlight then london.

  2. actually, I'd LOVE to live in St Ives for some part of the year. The light there has to be seen to be believed. Have you ever been? If not, you really must, the small train taking you in, runs along the coast and it's the most charming view. Now, France is a whole bag of pretty - but that's another blog post...

  3. i have to say that i don't know GB as much as i wish, but i'm planning to. i've heard St.Ives is quite nice, plus Tate gives a fresh vibe to it... this year i want to organise my schedule better and take w-ends off to visit britain a bit better.

  4. Well, I've heard great things about Whitstable - on the coast. It's a perfect day/weekend away. Last year I went to Rye (also on the coast, and only an hour and a half from London Bridge), and that was so pretty. This summer I'm going to go back, but this time, I'll cross over to Camber sands, which is a vast beach - one might even call it 'epic'. Let me know if you find anything special on your way.


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