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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

designer's block

Sometimes I wish that my very reliable Ikea work table would just break so that I could warrant replacing it with one that has really lived - the desk in the first image would do just fine, thank you! Well, one can live in hope; who knows what might just happen... oops!

All three images found on my new favourite blog: Department of the Interiors  - honestly, this girl was born to blog... 


  1. I've got a funny story for you - I once worked at a company where we all had our own offices. When we started, we got to raid a warehouse for our desk, credenza, bookcases, and stuff. It was all crap.
    But some people had nice offices, with cool furniture. One day I asked my boss how they got it all, and she replied that I wasn't working hard enough. I had to work so hard, that my desk broke, and then I could get a new one. :)

  2. You are too kind. Thank you!!

  3. your second image reminds me a place i used to play when i was a child. we used to play schools and teachers. i used to be the teacher :) loved to write things in red and green (well, i still do - my note books are a rainbow...)

  4. Ha! I believe I know that game... Luckily for me, I had a younger, impressionable sister who was happy to play along when it came to my 'Rules'! How things change...tut tut.

    Do you ever scan your notebooks and upload them? (I'm going to check.) You should, notebooks are great and totally revealing!

  5. never thought about it, to be honest! i think only me can understand what's in there... plus, i'm not a fancy hand sketcher. i don't sketch, i doodle in colour!

  6. yes, and doodles can be intensely personal - I think just knowing that it was going to be for public view would kill the vibe. Scrap that.


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