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Thursday, 7 January 2010

stylist: aaron hom

                                                 Aaron Hom

This blog has become somewhat of a haven to me: a special place filled with things that please; and so I've taken a little 'blog break' from an irritatingly busy day to share with you these images. They're from stylist Aaron Hom's inspiring website. I've selected these particular photographs because I find the proportions appealing.

The accessories (lighting and picture frames) work well, but it's the armchairs that really do it for me. This might have something to do with the fact that I happen to have two very similar ones in my flat that I bought (along with a two seater in beautiful condition) for the grand price of £110, nine years ago. I've since found out that individually, the armchairs alone, sell for around £700. Hmm, what to do...


  1. i know these chairs... maybe not exactly these ones, but similar. i like them too. they're very robust and indeed central pieces. especially in the first shot they go really well with the wooden furniture the space hosts. they're quite masculine - it looks like a girl in a light blue jeans, white shirt and a pair of pirate boots...
    good catch!

  2. ah, yes, that's a good description; I agree that some women can look utterly chic in menswear - Sharon Stone at the Oscars wearing her (then) husband's shirt... The other furniture in that room looks a little out of place, but rooms are for living in, so a little imperfection can be charming.

    You live in London, right? Have you been to any of the second hand shops on the Holloway road - 'Ooh La La'? They're excellent for all sorts of good stuff - well priced too.

  3. yes, i live in london. i have to organise my weekends to pop in there... notting hill is a nice place to find shops like that too.


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