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Monday, 13 September 2010

Open Plan Living: 4 Things to Know Before Choosing Colours

With open plan living being the New Order of things, introducing a colour palette - one that will give each room it's own identity whilst being a sum of two (or three) parts, can be a challenge. Although the light invariably differs from one side of the room to the other, the space can feel quite cold if it's painted all in one colour.

For this reason, I prefer to differentiate areas with colour accents according the purpose of the space and the atmosphere I'm wanting to create. In this case, the client wanted a colour palette that was quiet and reflective; one that would celebrate the accent colours in key places.

1. Change colour on the tight corner/recess where you can see the light change to ensure colour migration is seamless. 

2. Choose one strong colour, to unite the two rooms. Adding darker tones to the alcoves will add dimension and interest to the room.

3. Ensure that your accent colours work with all key colours. Doing so will ensure the flow throughout the home is uninterrupted and each room is relevant to the next.

4. It is important that the undertones are compatible, especially when introducing a strong accent colour. 

 It's not obvious from the image (and it really depends on whether you have a Mac or PC), but Farrow & Ball's Hardwick White has a green undertone as does Downpipe.

  Downpipe 26  |  Hardwick White 5  |  Dulux 30BB10/019

and finally...

This consultants chair is to be reupholstered. It is a beloved heirloom and although the client is appreciative of the 'lived in' look, it really is a little too far gone. The seat is currently upholstered in a forest green Leatherette and we're considering the following replacement colours: 
  • Burgundy Red
  • Olive Green
  • Black. 
I have my favourite, but I'd love to know, what colour would you choose?

This blog post is part of the ‘Pass It On Kitchen series’, a collaborative blogging project.



  1. Olive would be fab with the woodtone.

    Great post, Heather. Enjoyed the info and pix.


  2. I would go for the olive green, it's such a vibrant color!

    Interesting post, thank uou for the tips!

  3. Thank you Lori & Aud, it's so nice to have your feedback. I agree, olive it is - I may pick a slightly darker tone if only the bring out the red in the wood...

  4. Yes the olive green would be lovely and in keeping with it's original forest green.

  5. I have now added this to the mydeco Pass It On page...
    Thanks for writing such a great post!


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