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Saturday, 2 January 2010

getting the framework right

                                         a wall in my bathroom

Pictures, photographs and various other kinds of artwork play such an important role in making a house a home. Although the key thing to note about hanging picture frames is that, really, anything goes, it is important to get it the balance right. This website illustrates the basics perfectly:

Once you know the rules, disregarding them can have surprising and pleasing results, especially when working with awkward spaces and/or pictures that have a personal value. 


  1. You know what is so strange these days, is that everybody has a camera with them all the time (in your purse, on your cell phone, even the new iPods have them), but nobody every gets them printed anymore. There is something so great about real pictures, don't you think?

  2. Yes, I remember the quiet joy of developing and printing my own photographs(black & whites - never quite progressed to colour); and yet, that being said, I'm relieved that we're moving away from wasteful processing. I only print out those that are good enough to be framed and I think that is how it should be. Wouldn't you agree?

  3. Heather I'm a fan of your work. Lots of personality in it. This post is beautiful. I love to see walls totally dressed up with frames (i'm a fan of photography myself). And your bathroom wall is lovely. love the black background and the eclectic frames.

  4. Thank you Eliana, the appreciation is mutual! I would like to point out that the wall is in fact the Dulux colour 'Ebony Mist 2'. It's a very clever shade of charcoal grey in that at times, it's cool, atmospheric and then warm and cosy. I swear I can see the red, the yellow and the blue within it; it's got real oompf!

    Do you have a Flickr account?

  5. Well, maybe I should have said dark background instead :) i'm working on a black and pink moodboard, maybe that's why i saw black... Anyway, it's the right colour (thanks for the colour reference).

    No I haven't a Flickr account. I'm kind of resisting to it. I guess I rather post my photos on my blog until i set up my website which will be only photography... do you have? send me the name, please.

  6. I do agree, about printing out only what one needs - but - how cool is it to go through a shoebox of old photos....


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