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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

and now for some quiet time...

I remember seeing these images of interior designer Wilma Custers's work whilst reading one of my favourite blogs: Desire to Inspire. It left such an impression on me that I found myself thinking about them whilst cycling around town this morning. These quiet blocks of colour help create an environment that is both warm and stabilising. I particularly like that the accessories are practical and unassuming. This is a machine for living!

Rachel Khoo: Tasteful Colour Palettes

                                          Rachel Khoo
I feel as though I've just crawled out from the right side of an intensely busy week... One aspect of January that I really appreciate is how very busy it tends to be and as a result, time just flies - I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post.

Last week saw the signing off of two projects; the submitting of tax returns. New projects start this week and it's always an exciting time. I spent the best part of yesterday doing something I love most in the world: talking about colour. Working with clients who understand the importance of colour and getting it absolutely right are such a dream to work with. However, introducing a new colour palette to a client who may not have considered a world beyond magnolia is a high point because when they see it - and they usually do, it's unlikely that they will ever look at colour in the same way again.

Just this morning, whilst idly searching for inspiration, I came across food stylist Rachel Khoo's  website. Really, she is more than a food stylist; Rachel understands colour on an intuitive level. You may want to go and have look: wonderful stuff
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