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Monday, 29 November 2010

The Rug Company

Carnival by Paul Smith 

I'm working on a number of projects at the moment where rugs and other soft furnishings are the key focus and each project could not be more different from the next. Luckily, for me, when it comes to rugs there is a huge variety of choice. 

 Magnolia Ice Wool by Vivienne Westward (great styling!) 

The Rug Company is a particularly great source for rugs. I like working with them because their service is outstanding and their rugs are made by hand and so you can alter any single colour, if you so wish - which can be handy for us interior designers...

Homegrown Blue by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerbey

One of the rooms I'm working on at the moment is a playroom (for a brother and sister aged 8 & 2). The existing accent colour is red. The brief is to introduce a new colour palette that will unite the built in shelving units sprayed in F&B's Shaded White with the red toy box.

1. Owl, 2. Fishes, 3.Butterfly by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerbey

Of these four designs, I'll probably present two or three - as much as I love the orange/butterfly rug, I feel it's going be too much for the room. What a shame, it is gorgeous, wouldn't you agree?

What a statement piece! The decision to capture the motion of the birds' wings is what makes this design so special. Such is the skill of the weavers that it could so easily pass for a graphic print or a painting. Just incredible.

The styling shot is quite fetching. I love this rug because it is incredibly beautiful (and versatile!), but it also reminds me of the work of Bauhaus master weaver Gunta Stölzl as can be seen reproduced here by Christopher Farr. 

(I wrote my thesis on the influence Bauhaus weavers had on modern day weavers Ptolemy Mann and Kate Blee - I'll have to write a blog post about this to tell you tell more - both designers were adamant that there was no link, and yet...)

Palette by Fiona Curran

This is my absolute favourite design from The Rug Company. I go to see it (touch it) from time to time at the showroom when I'm researching for a project and it just blows me away. One day...

The quiet word is that rugs produced by The Rug Company are going to be highly collectible in years to come and if you were looking to make an investment, well, you could do worse...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Sermon: Viktor Frankl: Why To Believe In Others

            if it doesn't play, watch it here

"In this rare clip from 1972, legendary psychiatrist and Holocaust-survivor Viktor Frankl delivers a powerful message about the human search for meaning -- and the most important gift we can give others." - TED Talks

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Emerson Made (my day)

Dandy and Dogs Clutch

I love every single thing that Emerson Made produces. If you don't know of her, yet, then boy are you in for a treat...

Having a look through her website, I spotted these clutches and one in particular, reminded me of design projects I worked on this year - she has a great eye for colour and proportion, don't you think? (my work is on the right)

other little lovelies...
Classic School Bloom Clutch
EM Pumpkin Patent Heels


Life is just not the same now that I've seen this dress...

The Silk Ribbons Blouse

and this...

Have a lovely weekend, where ever you are and a truly wonderful Thanksgiving to my much loved American readers. Thank you so much for your continuing support! x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Sermon: Brené Brown - The Price of Invulnerability

 Speaker: Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work where she has spent the past 10 years studying courage, shame and authenticity. 

Each time I watch this talk by Brené Brown, I pick up on something else that she says. "Perfection has nothing to do with healthy striving or...striving for excellence. People who are absolutely accomplished, who strive for perfection are the biggest negotiators and compromises that I've ever interviewed. Perfectionism is a tool to protect ourselves." 

Now, if, like me, you have the need to consume every single thing from a new source of inspiration, then you'll enjoy this too: 


Isn't that great? I love this woman. This is just one of my favourite TED talks, what are yours?


Saturday, 13 November 2010

a little weekend wonderful

                                         John Minshaw Designs

Award winning architect and designer, John Minshaw says "My style is to buy good antiques and design bespoke cabinetry, then put them into pared-down interiors." I feel that it's the way he designs around the light and layers colour that also creates such a powerful narrative. Just extraordinary. I love his work. 

(This post is inspired by an image I found on The Diversion Project - thank  you, Jules!)


Thursday, 11 November 2010

the art of simplicity

The designers have created a compelling narrative by integrating a variety of surface areas with key features. Layering colours, enhanced by both direct and indirect lighting, make these spaces versatile and inspiring spaces to be in.

Controversial choice of wallpaper for a bedroom? Not at all: it's the sheer scale/volume of the pattern that quietens it down. That said, I'd love to see what it would look like if we could swap the painting for (you guessed it) a round mirror. My feeling is that it would soften the room a little. Although, the lighting is certainly doing it's job...

Love this.

What a fantastically creative idea - the hanging bedside lights as key features.

It's all in the details: clean lines, great natural lighting and the artefacts speak for themselves.

Now, I have to say it, there are certain shades of blue that make me feel, well, blue and this is one of them. The bedside lights are great but I'd love to see the painted recess lit up; warmed up, if you will. Looking at this image, I was reminded of a building I spotted in Paris over the weekend - love the recessed lighting, it's so effective, wouldn't you agree?

 overlooking the Pompidou Centre in Paris

Architect and Interior design firm, Ashe + Leandro have created some truly spectacular spaces. Their work with colour and lighting is so inspiring and to my eye, they're mastered the Art of Simplicity. I'm curious, what do you think of the bedroom [recessed] wall painted blue?

P.S. Thank you Louise at Table Tonic  for flagging this one up via twitter.

Monday, 1 November 2010

A Truly Modern European Experience

HAND Lyon - conseil et aménagement d'intérieur - réalisation  aménagement appartement à Tassin

I have a thing about round mirrors - there's something about the shape that pleases me. Mirrors in general are excellent value; fitting in all kinds of areas; inviting  whole new worlds into darkened corners. 

HAND Lyon - design et mobilier contemporain - SOCIETY - linge de maison

That bath is on my hit list - don't you just love the balance of simplicity vs functionality ?

HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu

I love the clean blocks of colour, so understated. Gorgeous.

Mano by HAND - atmosphère et ambiance place Gailleton
HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu
HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu
HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu
Mano by HAND - atmosphère et ambiance place Gailleton
House HAND - 8 rue de Fleurieu - 69002 LYON 

This shop is in Lyon, France and the owners have got it right when it comes to the layering of colours, textures and lighting - great styling and gorgeous products. I see aspects of Scandinavian, Italian and British design (hello, Tom Dixon lights) and the complete look is modern and truly European and yet, it would fit in any urban environment around the globe. 

I'm off to Paris, again, this Friday (bridesmaid duties), and, sadly, I wont have time to pop down to Lyon this time, however this shop is rocking my world... Thank you Jules from the The Diversion Project for flagging this one up. Excellent find.

In case you're heading that way too; other great shops to visit in France are:

111 bd Beaumarchais,

Astier de Villatte - read more here
173 rue Saint Honoré

Ets Lion - read more here
7 rue des Abbesses

8 rue de Fleurieu
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