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Monday, 18 January 2016

Ready, Set, Design | BlogTour Las Vegas 2016

    Image thanks to Anne Porter of Kitchen Studio of Naples 

All 24 interior designers, carefully selected for this exciting event, have arrived at The Cosmopolitan, here in Las Vegas. This means that, at last!, BlogTour 2016 is about to begin. BlogTour is in its 5th year and the build up to this year's event, the largest to-date, has been monumental.   

       Images form BlogTour NYC 2013

Aside from the known fact that Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus, is gifted, when it comes to bringing people together, she also has a good nose for what makes a successful business, how best to brand and market it. That she does this in such a way that builds genuine friendships that extend beyond spreadsheets and expectations, should tell you something about this charismatic woman. I'll sum it up with one word: Tone. She sets a good tone - the right tone, with everything she does. I admire her, enormously. 

         Image thanks to Flo von Pelet

It's worth pointing out that the interior designers who have been invited to attend and engage in this event, here in Las Vegas, are also business owners. We understand the value of engaging with leading brands, via social media. However technological our worlds become, 'face to face' meetings will always trump a 140 character drive by. 

Although a sponsored tour - and it must be said, the sponsors (Blanco, Thermador, TOTO, Mr Steam, Wilson Art, Top Knobs, KBIS., Mohawk and WoodMode) along with Modenus, have organised fantastic events, over the next few days, we have not been paid to be here.  I'm personally delighted to be here, to meet other designers, see great design and meet the people who work hard, behind the key brands that supply the UK market (and those aspiring to do so). But most of all, I'm here because Veronika is. If she's excited about something, I want to know about it. 

I don't know what the next few days will bring, but I know it will be great. Please feel free to follow us all, on Instagram and Twitter, via the following hashtags: #BlogTourKBIS #BlogTourLasVegas #designhounds. We'll be sharing the experience with you, as we go - do pop in to say 'hello'...  
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