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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Farrow & Ball's Joa Studholme knows her colours

                                      Images from Living Etc.

In the UK, colour consultancy is a little known field of expertise but thanks to Farrow & Ball's in-house consultant Joa Studholme it will soon be just as popular here as it is in US, Canada and Australia. One of the more impressive projects undertaken by Joa was the Long Room at Lord's cricket grounds - a pretty tough brief, just try picking a colour that'll please 22 000 MCC members...

In her own house (images above), she uses F&B's colour Downpipe (#26) on the walls in the hallway and Slipper Satin (#2004) on the floors; reversing them in the living room - dark floors; cream walls to maximise on the huge amount of natural light. In the kitchen, every surface area is painted the same colour creating a seamless and serene environment.

Using colour to create rooms that are both atmospheric and understated is something anyone can do; the key is to pay attention to how the light moves in your home and chuck out that 'Rule Book'. Especially that one that says 'never mix blue & green together'. Believe me, there are shades of blue and green that will love each other! Besides, does the sky not love a green field on a Summer's day? Let nature be your guide, it has all the answers.

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  1. Heather,

    What an awesome post - that bedroom is so inspirational and the color is perfect. Selecting a color palate is often the hardest part and I think this hit it out of the ballpark.

    SO glad you stopped by Pretty Lovely - hope we can stay in touch!


  2. Thank you! I just checked - I knew it, you're pals with Kell, right? Ah, welcome!

  3. Hi Samantha - thank you! I'll see you over at yours, soon (and often, no doubt). You also write the We(heart)DC blog, right? I'm sure it was you who wrote that great piece on Josef Albers. It's so nice to find a really well written blog.

    Thanks a whole bunch for saying hello. x

  4. Heather you sweet woman you!! Thanks for the mention, have a happy weekend!

  5. Hi Heather, I have been a little hesitant about choosing Down Pipe for my dinning room, even though I know I love the colour. Having seen your hall way on this site, I now have no hesitation in using it . Here's hoping that it looks half as nice as yours. Thank you :-) Pippa x

  6. Joa's advice for small spaces is spot on. It forever drives me nuts when people say "Dark or strong colours make spaces look smaller." It's just the opposite really. That's why tiny theatre spaces are always painted out black - so you can't actually see where the boundaries are.
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  7. Have you tried Mylands 'Colours of London' paint range? It knocks the socks off Farrow & Ball for quality & coverage. You'll never buy Farrow & Ball again! My decorator won't use anything else... he scoots down to Mylands & asks them to colour match F&B's colours if his customer insists they think it's the best! You pay for the stuff in the tin with Mylands.... you pay for the can & name with F&B.



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