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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Elizabeth's Point of View

                                   Elizabeth Maxson Photography

It was only yesterday that I joined the interior styling group Interior Styling set up by the ever inspiring blogger decor8, and already, I'm hooked. I've found a couple of really interesting designers and bloggers and the great thing is there are monthly projects encouraging members to flex their creative eyes, and anyone can join in.

So, I was just about to head out into the blizzard today, to do some daily chores (and go have a cup of tea glass of wine with my friend, Lola), and before the coat and wellies were on, I took a quick look to see what was new on the group. Doing so, cost me the last hour of daylight, but what a happy compromise: these images are so utterly arresting - wouldn't you agree? Wonderful stuff. The more I research designer/photographer/blogger Elizabeth Maxson, the more I just love what she's about.

There is so much talent out there, it's mind blowing, really. And now I'm off to be windswept and fancy free... Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

Edit: follow the story of these images on Elizabeth's Point of View - this kitchen was renovated and restyled for $500. It has to be seen to be believed.

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