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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

etsy's 'how to' just made my day

I popped over to see a friend of mine for a cup of tea and on the wall in her hallway, I saw an impressive piece of art that she had made purely out of coloured felt balls. (I'll see if she has an image of it that she's willing to let me upload.*) 

Now, this friend is no craft-monster - she's cool with impeccable taste and she really knows her colours. So with that revelation tucked away I saw this little project and it sparked a burst of ideas. At last, a craft project that's sure to impress, and it looks really easy to do.

* here you go... Isn't this great?



  1. Oh! I really want to try making this. It would be the perfect house-warming present for my co-workers new flat!

  2. I know! Just think of what you could do with this idea... Hey, I just checked out your website and I can imagine how well this idea would with bags. Cute name for a brand, I like it.

    Let me know if you make this, I'd love to see your interpretation.

  3. I love this idea...with paper! Thanks for sharing. How do you manage to do so much and blog such wonderful things all at once?? :-)

    Take care

  4. With paper? Oh, that's interesting, I think I'm going to do that... (If you do, please let me know, I'd LOVE to see how your interpretation.) Elizabeth, I don't feel I do enough; I guess when you love what you do, it never seems like work. There are some aspects of my job that really drain me (such as trying to please all the people all of the time), but writing this blog has become somewhat of a respite. Thank you for following this; it's kinda wonderful knowing I have a worldwide readership and that a community can be found right here at my desk. Very interesting times... H

  5. Oh, how I know how you feel. I did so much for so long (too long!). I am slowing down and it feels strange...I feel like I am not doing as much (well, I'm not actually) and while I know I am not, I also know that I probably do more than most. Like you, my blog has become a place where I can put my thoughts and feel like I am "doing more" by sharing and not wearing myself out by doing so. Make sense? I am in a season in my life where I am more about pleasing myself than others. I use to think that sounded so selfish, but what really pleases me is to share and to inspire. So that isn't too selfish. I am tired of being at the demands of others, but quite haven't figured out how to make a living at sharing and inspiring without having a client in the picture - haha! When I figure that out, I will share it with you! I just love what you do.

    Keep burning with passion as long as your passion doesn't burn you,
    Elizabeth :-)

  6. What a fabulous homespun art installation! Thanks so much for sharing this, Heather. I hope you don't mind -- I featured this project over on my own blog, with credit to you and your friend of course! We recently finished a major remodel/expansion at my house in Richmond, Virginia, and we have a LOT of empty walls at the moment, but not much money left for art. So I'm always trolling for good ideas for DIY art!


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