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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Milan Design Week 2016 | Gessi Equilibrio + My Wish List


1. Freestanding Gessi Bath + interior Garden

 One of the benefits of joining a Designhounds trip is that it's both well organised, and carefully curated. This means that the week is packed full of events, all over the city, and held by some of the world's leading design brands. Having access to the teams, behind these brands, is what it's all about and Gessi did not disappoint, with the mesmerising performance by artist and philosopher, Marsel Lesko, at the launch of the new Equilibrio range. This was held at their flagship showroom, in Milan, during Salone del Milano      

2. These Gessi Architectural Washbasin Fittings

 3. Laser Cut Stone Wall Tiles 

To be frank, this barely covers the beautifully crafted and extensive range of bathroom fixtures, and so, when in Milan, you will have to visit the Gessi showroom. The building itself, was once a cinema, and it's mostly below ground. What the design team have managed to achieve, in this rather unique space, is nothing short of extraordinary.  Well worth a visit. 

Have you ever ordered from Gessi? Are you familiar with this Italian brand?
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