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Thursday, 8 December 2011

UPDATED: Current interior design projects...

1. Project Primrose: Completion date: December 2011 (8 weeks!) 
 all furniture was made bespoke - and designed by us. This 5 drawer console is made out of walnut, leather and brass handles.


2. Project: Kent:18 months.  Completion date: Jan 2012 (this is a huge project, so much more to come...)


3. Project Barnes: £private Ongoing

(Wall to wall (ceiling, too!) Penny Black wallpaper in the cloakroom - such a hit!)


4. Project: Islington:6 months. Completion date: Dec 2011


5. Project: Middleton Completion: 6 months (and ongoing)

(OK, not such a new one but this project has not been seen yet - brand spanking new website coming in the New Year!)

Hello! We're a little too busy to blog, right now, but how a few project previews? This a tiny collection of the various plates we have spinning but thought you might like to see what we're currently working on... (Who knew that one day Lavender would the hero?!)


  1. Hello you. I love it when your blog pops up - even if you are too busy to actually blog.

    Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas and I very much look forward to seeing all your new projects (and your new website) in the New Year.

    BIG cheers, Linda (-:

  2. I love your colour palettes. If they suddenly appear in Australia it pure coincidence... honest!

    I really like that metalic pewter grey/silver with the wood and green. Brilliant!

  3. beautiful heather. love the richness in the fabric selections. and i'm always a soft touch for a bit of tom dixon too.

    hope you get what you need to get done, done. and have a wonderful christmas!


  4. The first thing I admire is the bath tub. Looks so elegant and ladies would love staying on the bathroom with this bath tub.

  5. Looking good Heather. All lovely projects

  6. Thanks for sharing. I learned and enjoyed a lot from this post. Good luck to your projects.

  7. Su blog es de un gusto exquisito, me ha encantado. Desde hoy lo sigo. Si lo desea le invito a visitar mi blog y si es de su agrado podrá seguirme.
    Un saludo muy afectuoso.


  8. Designs are really great they are well coordinated with one another. This is wonderful inspiration for everyone.

  9. Just found your blog, I love the colours and the photos. Have a happy New Year.

  10. Excellent projects. Keep us posted. Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Heather,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for letting us have such lovely peeps intoy uor world. I SO enjoy your lovely blog....really and truly. It's GORGEOUS!!


  12. Fascinating. It's always interesting to look at real projects, rather than magazine staged ones. My two favourites pieces are the bespoke console unit and the free-standing bath in Project Kent. £400k though? Ouch...

  13. Stunning interior designs! You have a very good taste and talented in designing.

  14. Heather, that console in project 1 is absolutely stunning!!!! Can I have one for free please ;) hehehe. On a serious not. Do you have an image of it that I could you for a future post? All of these projects are gorgeous... you should be so proud of yourself hun.
    Stu xxx
    What Wilson Wants... (that console) hehehe x

  15. Beautiful :) I specially love the bathrooms. I am looking for some ideas to change mine, so thanks for the post!

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