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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Baking Butterflies

It's been ages since I last posted, I know (I feel it), but I've been incredibly busy these last few months working on the best projects of my career, to date. A quick update: I moved into a new, shared studio and aside from the fact that they're a lovely group of people, I am blown away by the talent I share this space with. Here are just 5 (of 19)...

Jacqueline Wagner - Illustration
Kai Designs - Interior Design 
Hanna Melin - Illustration
Sam Stuller - Photographic Retouching
We Are Elevate - Design Agency

 Another exciting piece of news is the Heather Jenkinson Interiors is expanding! Yes, aside from the team I usually work with (architects, builders and a project manager), I am currently interviewing for an assistant. Being on the 'other side of the fence' is interesting - I'm so impressed by the quality of CV's (and lovely fresh-faced talent) coming in. I'll be sure to properly introduce the new addition to you once we're up and running.

So, anyway, about these cupcakes you see before you... Inspite of the fact that I haven't had a night off - let alone a day, for months, I have never knowingly turned down a request to bake. Rochelle (of Pilates Foundation), our resident baby maker, asked me if I'd bake cupcakes for her baby shower. I said I would but on condition that she relinquishes all creative input - yes, I am a monster...

Can you spot the lavender (edible) glitter? (thanks eBay!) 

And this is what she got. The [cup] cake bases, unbelievably light (and er, moist) were an all round success thanks to this recipe - seriously, they are GOOD. You're welcome!

Of course, I posted a couple of phonepics on Twitter at around 2am (the time I finished icing them), which then sparked up a chat with Lori Sawaya (of Color Outlook). We talked about our shared (first) love of baking. Which made me wonder how many other designers and colour consultants started their careers by working/messing around with colour, in the kitchen... Did you?
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