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Friday, 11 July 2014

Let's Talk | Suzi Hoodless

I was reading through Interior Stylist Sophie Robertson's blog post Decorating on the dark side when I came upon a particularly arresting image from one of Interior Designer, Suzy Hoodless's projects -  her home, in fact. Hers is a design dialogue that I understand on a cellular level, and so, although I rarely post these days, I felt I had to share this with you.

There's something about the way she plays with colour and proportion that reminds me of all the great things in life: art, dialogue, music, food, love, sex etc. Her design work plugs into a particular rhythm that is replicated through these experiences: a dance between intensity and relief. A kind of golden ratio twinned with the vibrations we respond to when we experience all that it is to be human. And, in this way, I feel that Suzy Hoodless is more than a designer; she is a composer of experiences.

How do these images make you feel? Are they a little intense for your taste, or is the pitch perfect?


  1. I think her home is incredibly chic and stylish. The vibe for me isn't so much intense as it is intriguing, the dark foundation of the design is lifted in each room with either a splash of vivid colour and light or touches of gold which soften the feel of each room.

  2. She have done a good job with her home, very admirable and looks cool! I am sure that other home owners will be inspired with her project.

  3. Hello Heather!
    Thank you for stopping by to visit, it was so nice to see your name. Thank you for sharing this post - I am enamored with the windows, and that dark tub. Her home is ageless - but with an old soul. The flooring grounds it all in my opinion. And her bold use of mixed materials blend joyfully together as well. Hope all is well in your world and that you are creating to your heart's desire.

    Big hug

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