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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Photographer: Stuart McIntyre

                                              Stuart McIntyre
Look, I know this is a little lazy - you know, just posting pretty pictures but I have been saving these for a while; waiting for the right link to share them with you.

I'm working on a big project at the moment - we have an architect on board and a project manager and so my work is all about colour and layout (dream job) and these images are good examples of how colour can be introduced in surprising ways. Notice how they've played with scale? I love that.


  1. Oh you're not lazy!! {{I have a huge secret stash of Stuart McIntyre :)}}

    looking forward to seeing more about your project, sounds great! jx

  2. Ha -- don't feel bad about posting pretty pictures! Sometimes I feel like that's all I do on my blog!

    And these are the moody, romantic vibe in the first photos, and the floors are stunning.

  3. Heather, your posts are incredibly inspiring. :-)

  4. Jules - did I find Stuart via you? (I really need to keep on top of that and give credit where credit is due.) Oh, the new projects are so flipping exciting, as soon as we're sailing, I'll be sharing it ALL!

    Jenn - thanks Jenn. I just love these rooms... I guess, it's all about balance, right? I love that your subject matter is so varied; I remember a post you did a few weeks ago about the sea and it was pretty special.

    Lola George - welcome and thank you! How lovely of you to pop in and say 'hello'.

  5. hmmm, not sure heather, have posted his stuff once or twice. but he is about a fair bit, so it could have been anywhere that you saw him.

    that sort of thing wouldn't worry me anyway heather - so don't fret on my behalf!! : )



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