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Thursday, 13 May 2010

interior designers, retailers and autonomy

layering colours to create a warm and sophisticated environment  - great colour palette. 
love their use of clean lines and symmetry
I'm researching tiles for an apartment in a wonderful Art Deco building in Hackney. We're going to be putting the soul back into a 'modernised' bathroom which has had all it's original features ripped out by some heartless individual - too harsh? No, not when you see what they've replaced it with. Dear me...

Having previously resourced tiles from Tiles Etc. (they're super efficient), I noticed that they, like many other stores are now endorsing an interior design company. In their case Kianfar Revell. Tiles Etc. have chosen wisely as interior designers Amanda Kianfar and Marina Revell do great work.

Affiliation is popular in this industry; you may have noticed that the big brands (Heals, Laura Ashley etc.) have been advertising their interior design services for quite some time. Clearly, it's a good tool for generating revenue - especially at a time when the retail market is suffering.

At the moment I prefer not to be affiliated with a particular brand or product. I believe that my projects are as unique as the clients I work with and it's important to my reputation to remain autonomous. Then again, although slowly blooming, my business is relatively small and it runs purely on word of mouth. To some extent I'd like it to stay this way but who's to say what the future may bring?

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