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Monday, 24 May 2010

bathrooms & bedrooms to dream of

this one's for Diane...
                               Twig Hutchinson via Fabric of my Life

Well now, this whole blogging business just gets better and better. I am quietly pleased with myself for finding some of the best blogs out there (my gang is cool!) and none more so than Jenn's Department of the Interior. I love the sheer diversity of interests she covers - she introduced me to Emerson Made and I still sometimes think about this post when I'm out and about cycling around the city.

Another blog I frequent is that of British stylist Kate Baxtor's Fabric of My Life. Way back in January, she wrote about interior stylist Twig Hutchinson's work and it still blows me away. She's the stylist behind all of Toast's catalogues - what a talent she is. 


  1. Jenn is a dead set legend - love her blog to bits! jx

  2. I just saw your comment on her 'the sea, the sea' blog post - please do upload a picture of that oil painting 'cause I want to see it! x

  3. The first picture is amazing! The yellow dress with the grey-blue walls is so beautiful and slightly haunting. Very cool!

  4. i've just died and gone to heaven! the yellow dress in the first image, the bath tub in the third image... died!
    x dana


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