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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

accessories to die for

                                         Damian Russell
Super quick post today: isn't photographer Damian Russell just crazy talented? I'd love to know who the stylist is on these shoots - clearly they're a match  made in heaven... I've seen his work both online and in top interior magazines, and a recent post by my very first 'blog love' Desire To Inspire refreshed my memory.

Is there no end to the talent out there? I keep thinking that I've seen the best of the best and then a new load of pretty pops into my inbox. I'm convinced that we're living in the best possible time in human history - wouldn't you agree?


  1. I am beginning to believe there is no end! so i'm going to sit back, order us in a few drinks and little bites to eat an enjoy the ride : )

    lovely images there heather, the colour is catching my eye something fierce.

  2. *laughs* You paint such a lovely picture - I'm there! x


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