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Friday, 14 May 2010

antipodean perspective

So I was flicking through some of the blogs that Jules from The Diversion Project follows (she has great taste) and I found a very intriguing blog called A Paddington Perspective (I like that name) and found these lovely images. Blogger Bree Oliver took a walk through her neighbourhood in Paddington, Sydney and photographed some of the houses. Aren't they gorgeous? Man alive, there are some powerful combinations going on there. I love it - as if I need yet another reason to get over to Sydney...

I popped in some images of the rather quaint British Front Door, as seen in various parts of London and the striking difference makes me want to laugh for some reason - I don't know why...

Now, which ones do you prefer?


  1. I love the first photo, yellow door, black walls ...beautiful

  2. Bree did a lovely job snapping photos! Makes me want to stroll her neighborhood too.

    Fun post, Heather.

  3. I loved this post too at PP, Bree has a great eye!

    love the London additiona too jx

  4. Hi V - thanks so much for popping by! yes, I must agree, I love the first one, too.

    Hi Lori - wow, it's so great to see you here, I am huge fan of your website.

    Jules - yes, she does and what a lovely area she lives in - wowsers! x

  5. I agree, the yellow door is a stunning! Its interesting how 'cultural' paint colour can be. I think people are hugely influenced by their environment (natural & manmade) in which they live. Great post!

  6. Well, thank you! When you say, environmental, you're referring to light, right? I think light place a huge part in how colour is perceived - hence the startling difference between colours used here, in the UK and those in Australia. I'm not sure you could get away with those colours here without doing someone actual retinal damage...

  7. I love Jules' blog, too! My favorite doors are the Paddingtons with the numbers atop!

  8. Wonderful collection of doors. Color definitely gives the entrance of a home some character.


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