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Sunday, 1 August 2010

To the Doctor, with love..

This last series of Dr Who was my first introduction to the Man Who Saved the World and I am so thrilled that it was with this actor, because between you and me, I am a little in love with Matt Smith, as Dr Who; what a great face he has; those eyes... 

This is a screen shot of a  particularly evocative scene where the colouring adds so much to it's emotional impact. To whoever the colourist was on this production: you do a great job. Creating a palette which is both sympathetic to the mood of the programme whilst communicating a vast amount of information - in this case, the Doctor's complex history; their complex relationship and the seriousness of the situation: it's vital that he not be forgotten by Amy Pond, requires serious skill.  

Colour and memory - why can't even the very best designers remember colour?

how I remembered the colours    
closer to what they actually are on the screen
Colour plays such an integral part in how we identify the world around us and so, of course it colours our memories of events past. Have you ever remembered a favourite pair of shoes being a brighter shade of yellow because they were your favourite dancing shoes? (Or, was that just me?) Although, I understand why this happens, it still tickles me that it does.

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