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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

red or dead?


So, I cycled past Jigsaw today (on the corner of Upper Street & Cross Street, N1) and I noticed that they've had a bit of a make over. What do you think of the use of red? It certainly caught my eye and I had to stop to have a proper look at it. 

I'm not sure about it... Although, it certainly pulls your attention to the brand rather than the architecture of the building - which is exactly the point, I guess. Using a deeper shade of red on the frames would have celebrated those wonderful ceramic tiles. Of course, this is just one opinion. What's yours, what would you have done?


  1. Hi Heather - I love it when your posts come up on my blogroll as I know there will be something interesting happening!! I kinda like the red. Not sure what colour was there before .. but the red does jump out (-:

  2. Thank you Linda, what a lovely comment! Yes, it is a really good, strong red - it certainly stopped me in my tracks...

  3. The color worked - it attracted your attention and no doubt many others. Seems the perfect choice for that purpose. However, you may be right, a different shade/intensity may have suited the architecture more, but Architecture is not what is for sale!

  4. You're absolutely right, Obviouslyanon, not only did I see it, but I stopped, got off my bicycle to take a closer look. I like the colour, it's just that the combination *screams* at me. I want to find out who did that; that was a considered choice...

  5. it is a good strong red, but not offset enough from the tiles in my opinion, kind of then loses the pow.

    i probably would have gone for an army blanket grey (quite light), high gloss.

    hey - cute new pic btw! you had your hair done darl? jx

  6. For me it works as a clever extension of their branding - like the earthy tiles with the high gloss pillar box red - i wouldn't wear it, i wouldn't have it in my living room but to attract my attention on the street in this way - yes please! x


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