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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Fashioned Pink

I love this fashion designer (who is it? For life of me, I cannot remember...), her sense of colour is UNREAL!  This particular collection made me think about how inextricably linked the worlds of fashion and interiors are.

Interior stylist, Abigail Ahern explores this look with great aplomb. I popped into her shop a few weeks ago with a client of mine to have a look at the Lola Mirror (a large, round, convex mirror) and it's like stepping into a new world, one that celebrates colour like it's going out of fashion. I found it quite difficult to leave. Fantastic space.

There was a time (early/mid 90's?) when navy blue was de rigeur when it came to choosing a sofa and so it's not unusual to find them now tucked away in second homes and spare bedrooms. As a number of my clients have second homes, I am often asked to reintroduce the navy blue sofa into modern life.

This photo (of British socialite, Tara Palmer Tomkinson looking fabulous) demonstrates with ease, how dark blues are supported by grey and green toned beiges - if you have trouble visualising these colours, have a look at F&B's 'Shaded White' or even 'Hardwick White', which has a distinctly green undertone. Teamed with a pop of colour - fuchsia or poppy? Gorgeous. 



  1. Love these colour selections heather, particularly fond of the navy and gold. one of my all time faves is navy, olive green and gold but in a modern mix up, not in a twin set and polyester rug mix up :)

  2. Navy, olive green and gold? I can just imagine that in a mix of silks, linen and cashmere. Lovely! My personal favourite is charcoal grey, olive green and gold. I think I'm going to give navy a go...

  3. Talking Navy sofas? Check out The New Traditionalists! They had a gorgeous navy blue leather sofa at the AD Home Show this past Spring: <-- F A B!

  4. Let me first say that my prego self is a bit jealous of Tara's legs! I swear it should be illegal to have legs that long! LOL Okay, I'll move on...

    I love the grey & lavender and the navy & green. Our living room is light grey and I still have aspirations of painting the dining room lavender some day.

    ps. Thanks for the link to mydeco, what a great resource!


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