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Monday, 26 July 2010

Wild At Heart

love the use of a bath for the greens: clever!
here's that lavender, again...

Whilst out and about, searching for all things great and small, I walked passed the Pimlico branch of one of London's much loved florists Wild At Heart. I just love the way they've styled the interior of this shop. What a clever idea it is to incorporate the sale of botanical inspired interior products alongside great big blooming bouquets - with colour being the connective tissue, of course.

If you have ever ordered a bouquet, or been treated to one, from this florist, then you'll already know just how service orientated Wild At Heart are. They're in the business of indulging our senses and that, to me, has the scent of longevity. 


  1. thanks for sharing those photos!
    love those pillows pictured
    in the last photo!

    have a lovely day!

  2. that bath is such a good idea! I would love to run a shop like that! dream... thanks for joining my blog! it makes me really happy :)

  3. Wild at Heart looks lovely. The pics make me want to live in London! Not suprising, but I'm lovin' those lavender bowls.

  4. Your blog is lovely and you have such divine taste Heather. Can't wait for the weekend so I can have a really good peek at all your glad I've discovered your blog...have a friday. Lisa.

  5. thank you for all these lovely comments!

    Mrs Peters - thank you, Ma'am.
    Aud - I'm delighted that you're following my blog!
    MB - you know, I cannot look at the colour Lavender without thinking of you, even for a split second. Funny, huh?
    V - very nice people work there, too,
    Lisa - thank you!

  6. How pretty! A nice place to spend an afternoon & leave inspired :)


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