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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

two bathrooms: worlds apart

These are professional shots taken of a project I completed a little while ago - I am bursting to get my new website up (think sexy, transparent layers and slick orientation), where you'll be able to have a good look at this project and the others I've completed since 2007. This client has asked me to redesign the downstairs shower room (which we left out due to budget constraints) and I've decided to carry the atmosphere of this successful room, downstairs.

I found this image a little while ago and l saved it because there are a couple things here I like. Firstly, that the lines are clean - although I find the floor 'grid pattern' tiling quite irritating. Secondly, the layout is instinctive and articulate.

slate flooring and a choice of three tiles - which one would you pick?

I really like this wall tile (right), especially with a dark grey grout

600x300mm slate (porcelain) floor tile with a 600x300mm wall tile in either silver or gold metallic. Which one would you choose? 

Today, I went tile shopping at tiles etc. and from a fantastic selection, I managed to narrow it down to a choice of three. From these strong potentials and on a tight deadline, I picked one shown here.

Unusually, for most interior design projects, this client of mine wants to be surprised  - I'm not to discuss the design with him, at all! And so, I'm not going to say which tile I chose, but as the bathroom needs to be completed by next Friday (27th August), I will be sure to post a couple of photos once it's completed. (It's going to look great.)

Oh, and for a bit of fun, a quick few shots of another small cloakroom I've done for another client: it's not completed - wood work still to be painted dark charcoal, and the house is a good two months away from being ready to be photographed, but for those interested: the wallpaper is called 'Best in Show' by Osborne & Little.  What do you think? The wallpaper makes me laugh. (And secretly want to pet the puppies...) God, I love my job.



  1. i love the silver and the gold both - hard choice!

    when i looked at the palette i kind of liked the idea of the thin grey used vertically along with maybe a double landing strip panel of the silver (vertically too). and if its a long room like the example room you saved, run the black floor tiles parallel to the longest wall, and then the eye goes up to the vertical tiles on the wall.

    not sure if that makes any sense at all, but i loved it in my mind's eye :) - and might not be terrible economical coverage wise either!

  2. Hi Heather. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm quite keen to see your new site now. If you ever need a 2nd opinion 'graphics' wise - just let me know (that is my day job - hahah).

    Tile issue - I would have to choose the busy dark-grout tile. So much more warmth and style than a flat larger tile. If the rooms was really large it might get a bit repetitive - but still my preference over the others.

    Love Jule's comment re: looking through and your eye running up the wall. I would have just run them horizontally - but I can see the benefit of vertical.

    SO many choices - I wonder which you picked.


  3. Jules and Linda, I am delighted to have your input. Personally, I love the textured/sliced tile but the room is indeed long and narrow and so I chose a smooth, light reflective tile in silver and had it tiled horizontally with a vertical line running straight up. It works and once the back wall mirror has been fitted, I'll nervously update this post - the client is happy, but it's a whole other thing showing work to your peers...

    The tiles were pricey, but as you know, small bathrooms can cost as much as larger ones - the size has little to do with it, especially when it comes to the cost of the labour.

    Linda, I would LOVE to show you the new site - will do so, just before it goes live? Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Heather,

    Just wanted to stop by and see how you are doing-and it looks like you are doing great! Love the project and hope all else is well. You go girl with having a client who wants to be surprised - must mean he totally trusts your tastes and judgement. :-)

    All my best

  5. Darling wallpaper, I love it! I love the slate,not sure which one I'd pick. I do love sleek, modern bathrooms, though, so clean! You did such a fabulous job!

  6. love those colors..see i cant pull that off in mine but love the look in tese pictures.


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