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Monday, 28 June 2010

Latest loves:

 the blocks of colour vs geometric pattern - faultless room!

 the antique mirrored glass in this image - UK supplier details below

clean lines (with fantastic light!) vs the lived-in leather and antique Persian rug...

...looking onto this striking kitchen -WOW! 

it's the choice of art that really makes this space

clean, grey lines and great natural light = BLISS

Is this a new colour trend?

I've noticed a colour trend developing - a lot of bloggers seem to be posting images of interiors where lavenders, violets and aubergines are being used. Here, they've tempered the palette with black & gold. I feel it's the use of black that gives this room a certain amount of gravitas - along with the art, of course. Wouldn't you agree?

Most of these images have been lovingly lifted from my all time favourite blog (and blogger - Jules): The Diversion Project. Pop over to hear her mighty roar!

Antique mirrored glass suppliers: Saligo Design (owner, James Stait is really helpful. I received samples within hours of ordering them and just in time for my presentation - thank you, James!)



  1. I must admit I'm diggin' the purple chairs in the last pic. I've been seeing lots of lavender too. I think its one of those colours that is really easy to get wrong but is wonderful when done right.

  2. Actually, come to think of it, did you not have something lavender-ish in your home that you blogged about? this would have been sometime ago, now, but I'm sure because I then told you about a colour palette that I was working on where the base colour (walls) were a grey toned lavender (client's choice) and I tempered it with deep aubergine and slices of vibrant orange.

    Yes, Lavender has a bad reputation (it does have convincing provincial connotations), but with the right colours it can look quite cool, actually. I'm coming over to your blog, now, to see what's new...

  3. Ah heather, you're too cool! thanks for the shout out.

    and man that second image is a killer, love it heaps! give me a bit of mirror and i'm on board!

  4. Gorgeous rooms! I am all about the pops of orange in the first one, reminds me of Hermes. And it is my prediction that purple/aubergine is going to be Pantone's color of the year this year, mark my words, I can feel it! XO!

  5. Can your 'latest loves' be mine also .. especially no 1, 3, 4 + 6 .. ppppllleease (-: (oh, and love the little lamps with glass base in pic 1) (-:

  6. Shari - I think you may be right...

    Linda - yes, I LOVE those glass base lamps in pic. 1, too! Does anyone have any idea where I can buy them from? Are they Australian?

  7. Hi Heather, had to pop on over from Jules' place. Love what you're doing here, and I completely agree that Jules is the absolute best. Her images are almost always in my weekly top ten. Heaven forbid she ever takes a holiday...I'd be lost!


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