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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Museum of London

walking home
The Museum of London has been given a £20 million face lift and they have done an extraordinary job - if you live in London, you really must go (and if you live elsewhere, you may wish to move once you see this...). I'll be writing about this building again because that the sheer amount of ideas and carefully thought out use of space and colour and surface areas and light just blew me away. I loved it. It was spellbinding.

Being a dedicated commuting cyclist for the last ten years, I felt like a tourist walking through London on Sunday. By foot it is a very different city. There's nothing quite like London in the Summer; I think I've fallen in love with it all over again. What's your favourite city? Where would you chose to live, if money where no object?


  1. Fell in love with London in the 80's! lived there for many years.....miss it so much!! Money no object -probably London and then i could easily access all the other cities I love!! New York and Copenhagen at the top of my list to discover next. :-)

  2. that sounds like a dream! we were in london last august, and fell head over heels. then went to paris and fell head over heels there too. it had been a few years between visits to both cities and i just adored them both.

    we were right near kensington gardens and the natural history museum, just love that spot.

  3. Say not all that you know, believe not all that you hear. ............................................................


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