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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Factory 20

inside their showroom located outside Washington, US

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. Firstly, I was away on a short break only to arrive back to an intense work schedule (and probably more work than I can actually handle - what is going on?!), but I am loving every minute of it because at last I've found my people - when you're in the right company pretty much anything is manageable, wouldn't you agree?

Clearly, the people behind Factory 20 love what they do. Their fabulous styling gives each item a real sense of esteem. I want to buy them all. Each and every piece.


  1. It is fabulous to be working with people you gel with - that's so cool!

    and great vintage finds, that place looks amazing.

  2. your blog is amazing! I love it!!
    I'm your new follower ;)

  3. I love the side table in the 5th pic. Its so unique and could be used so many different ways. Congrats on being so busy! Busy is good:)

  4. Well, hello! Thank you for popping in!

    Jules - One day, I'm going to go to Factory 20, I want to meet the people who find all these wonderful things!
    MB - love that table (I'd take all of it.)
    UNIQORN - how lovely! I'll do my best, sharing only the good stuff...
    V - that chair has it all.


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