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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Baking Butterflies

It's been ages since I last posted, I know (I feel it), but I've been incredibly busy these last few months working on the best projects of my career, to date. A quick update: I moved into a new, shared studio and aside from the fact that they're a lovely group of people, I am blown away by the talent I share this space with. Here are just 5 (of 19)...

Jacqueline Wagner - Illustration
Kai Designs - Interior Design 
Hanna Melin - Illustration
Sam Stuller - Photographic Retouching
We Are Elevate - Design Agency

 Another exciting piece of news is the Heather Jenkinson Interiors is expanding! Yes, aside from the team I usually work with (architects, builders and a project manager), I am currently interviewing for an assistant. Being on the 'other side of the fence' is interesting - I'm so impressed by the quality of CV's (and lovely fresh-faced talent) coming in. I'll be sure to properly introduce the new addition to you once we're up and running.

So, anyway, about these cupcakes you see before you... Inspite of the fact that I haven't had a night off - let alone a day, for months, I have never knowingly turned down a request to bake. Rochelle (of Pilates Foundation), our resident baby maker, asked me if I'd bake cupcakes for her baby shower. I said I would but on condition that she relinquishes all creative input - yes, I am a monster...

Can you spot the lavender (edible) glitter? (thanks eBay!) 

And this is what she got. The [cup] cake bases, unbelievably light (and er, moist) were an all round success thanks to this recipe - seriously, they are GOOD. You're welcome!

Of course, I posted a couple of phonepics on Twitter at around 2am (the time I finished icing them), which then sparked up a chat with Lori Sawaya (of Color Outlook). We talked about our shared (first) love of baking. Which made me wonder how many other designers and colour consultants started their careers by working/messing around with colour, in the kitchen... Did you?


  1. I love colourful recipes if they are cooked for me rather tahn by me... I begun with colour because I wanted to paint :)

  2. they are gorgeous and how can i eat anything else today? i definitely learned through mucking about with food and everything else i could get my hands on! great that you'll have an assistant, in another life i'd be begging for the job. i hope you'll get some good rest along with more good work. x

  3. this is making me hungry. These look seriously good heather.... yum

  4. Nice to have you back, Heather and thank you for sharing these delightful creations. What I really love in the pictures are these light, fragile butterflies holding down these strong willed cupcakes so they don't even have a chance to escape into someone's sweet tooth.

  5. Bake City! These are marvellous creations...

  6. Wow, I am heady with praise... Thank you, but I must agree with you all, I totally nailed these little monsters. Baking is my happy place and so even 'cleaning while you go' is quite a calming and restful activity. However, this is not an invitation to the internet to start placing orders, OK?

    EB - I loved your take on it! Yes, I can see them now, the battle of cupcake vs butterfly... Of course, the butterflies lost, spectacularly! But it all's fair in love and war, right? Er...

  7. wow,completely gorgeous! that first image looks so delish!

  8. Oh I am SUCH a nutter in the kitchen these days - baking up a storm, creating dinners that take all afternoon to cook, baking my own bread and delighting in making delish desserts for my boys - so when I saw you had posted about baking and not design I was even more excited.

    You sound super busy and super happy and SO glad to see you in blogland again my dear.

    Of course I am now headed to check out all the links you posted (I do love illustrators!!).

    Have a wonderful, wonderful week and I look forward to hearing about your great projects (-:

  9. Exquisite! I didn't know Barbara Cartland baked but I'm certain these would get her approval.

  10. These cakes are sublime. Total works of art. Love the blog.

  11. If they taste as good as they look then I would be in heaven. I need to get myself invited to more baby showers. It is clear that I have been missing some cupcake magic.

    I love that they are like flowers all with their own species of butterfly...

    I never thought about it before but there is such a strong link between food on the plate and spaces we live in. Lets face it we eat with our eyes first...

    Its winter here and the coldest day so far. Suddenly I realise that my planned feast of a huge bowl of hearty Irish stew is just a culunary version of the space I want to be in = a big comfy sofa in front of the roaring fire... warming the soul with earthy tones mixed with the splashes of more vibrant colours.

  12. Only just caught up with your fantastic news! How you found time to bake such lovely cakes I dunno...They look very yummy!

  13. I love those butterflies - clever you. The showered one must have been delighted.

  14. Thanks Heather, I'm now starving having just seen this post and I'm supposed to be being good at the moment. *raids biscuit tin* Great news on your expansion that's all very exciting.
    I've been promised the bespoke sample this week btw. Fingers crossed.

    Ps glad you're back blogging. x

  15. Hello Heather

    I have just discovered you and am totally charmed by these cupcakes. So I have become a follower and look forward to your future posts.


  16. Congrats on all your success! I haven't scooted around the blogosphere in a while. Your blog looks great and your work is wonderful! I wish I could be your assistant, not that I have any qualifications as a designer! I would love to be your shadow for the day. A designer in does sound glamorous! Lots and lots of hard work no doubt. Have a happy weekend:)

    BTW, the cupcakes look divine!

  17. Hey, I am loving these comments - thank you all, so much!

    @Jen - yeah, the timing was tough (I did kick myself a little for saying yes, when really, I should have said no, but they came out very well and it was enjoyable to do something other than manage other people's expectations...)

    @Oliver - "there is such a strong link between food on the plate and spaces we live in." Absolutely! Catering and design are inextricably linked mostly because both are fundamentally service industries!

    @MB - oh, it may sound glamourous but believe me, this is HARD WORK. In fact, glamour just does not come into at all. I despair those graduates moaning on twitter about not getting *design jobs* when they wont take on the studio jobs that require all sorts of admin and leg work because, essentially, that's what 90% of interior design is! Aside from that, I hope you're well? I dod pop over a few weeks ago to be faced with a very pretty, happy baby! Going well, I see! I am delighted for you.

  18. Ces petits gâteaux sont adorables. Vraiment.
    Quelle bonne idée, vous avez eue!...

  19. They look delicious and what a fun way to add some humour to a cupcake. Congratulations on expanding the empire too - no wonder you have been busy.

  20. I adore these cupcakes!!

    It makes me want to go and bake!! I also find baking to be therapeutic! x

  21. Gosh Heather, you really did push the boat out! I haven't been baking anything since little J was born, but as wholefoods run out of glutenfree cupcakes I already decided that emergency baking was needed.
    Your beautiful creations inspired me to get things moving properly. Wow, I'm so impressed! Hope you enjoy your holiday! :o) Sounds like you definitely deserve it!


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