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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spinning plates (and everything inbetween... )

So, things have been a little busy, lately... I've been wanting to write a post just to say hello and share some things pretty and others new, but I just don't know where to begin. Instead, I thought I'd pull together a few collections of some of the projects I'm currently working on for those interested...

                                      The Islington Project

 MAY: I had worked with these design savvy clients, previously, and so, when they moved house, back in April, I was thrilled to be asked to bring the new home to a standard to which they were accustomed. Initially, a furnishing project, it has since evolved into quite a different animal... Although, I have to say that it has been a tremedous effort to get to where we are, today - and we're very close to the finish line, it has also been one of my favourite projects, this year because the changes we've made have been great ones and that's what this is all about. (I believe their 8 yr old son ran through the house shouting "we have a rad house!" I'm not sure I'll ever hear praise more heady... )

a snap shot whilst pulling the finishing touches together....

The Kent Project
 JULY & AUGUST saw the end of the building stage of the 'Kent' project. We are currently in the furnishing stage and it's now been a full year since this £350K project began. This small collection of images does in no way represent the sheer scale of this project - I actually do not know how to even where to begin to tell you about it. My favourite bit? The Client - she's a dream to work with....

Amanda, in her new kitchen, baking up a storm...

Other projects we're currently working on and not mentioned in this post:

Barnes Project

Primrose Hill Project

Watch this space... (it's going to be good!)


A Certain Simplicity 

I managed to squeeze out the last few days in September to step into a very different world. If you haven't been to Piedmont, Italy, go, you will be blown away but the natural beauty that surrounds you. And if you are going, be sure to stay with the absolutely charming Baur B&B, where Diana Baur, who writes the life enhancing blog  A Certain Simplicity   and her husband Mishe and their delightful dog, Max will show you a life lived well. 

A truly inspiring experience.

Picking up a Little Pretty Along the Way

Every now and again, we need a break from our projects - they can really own your life, if you're not careful... I took some time off to visit Decorex. This is a very small selection of things that caught my eye. I just love that wall light in chrome by Tom Kirk. Not to mention the (hand blown!) Pear Lamp by Porta Romana... So gorgeous.

 Who am I kiddling, I am uttely consumed! (Phew, I need a break.) How have you been? Please tell me your news...



  1. Heather!

    I feel like I whisked through your projects with you. Love the way you dialogued the past few months. I was very much missing your UK Extraordinaire approach and perspective.

    Taking a peek at A Certain Simplicity in Piedmont, Italy (a well-deserved holiday for you). Thanks for enlightening us on a personal visit you adored -that means a lot.

    Wish I could take a walk-through the 1950's in the heart of London..... absolutely adore clever storage cubbies, so forth.

    Great photos and so happy you're back, HJ!!

  2. Well helloooooooo.
    Loved seeing your blog pop right up the top of the list. Glad you are busy and having fun. Your trip to Italy sounds d-evine .. and your projects sound super exciting. Your clients are very lucky to have found you - can't wait to see everything finished.

    My news - umm, I have been a very bad blogger and barely visiting other blogs let alone doing my own. The umbrellas are moving .. slowly. Just redesigned my website YET again (the perils of doing everything yourself is that you just can't leave well enough alone). My graphic design business has been quite busy with new/existing clients giving me great work.

    My kids are great - on school holidays.
    It's getting warmer .. slowly .. and we are loving being back at the beach.

    So glad you popped back. Post some pics when you are done OK.

    Talk soon, Linda (-:

  3. I am loving your designs Heather. I just want to pick up the fabrics and touch them all as the textures look divine! I know you're flat out with work but how wonderful to be creating gorgeous homes all with the 'Heather Jenkinson' stamp ;0)

  4. Heather, you are amazing. So glad you are keeping so busy. I just loved viewing all these images you've taken the time to share from both your toil and R & R. Glad to have you back!

  5. Thank you for the kind words, Heather! We hope you are well and know you are very busy. I send lots of warm, tea-soaked, russet colored energy xo

  6. I have to agree with the 8 year old that things are looking pretty "rad" over there! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great to hear form you Heather. Piedmont looks amazing! You're so lucky! Isn't Max cute? Your projects are all looking great - love the 1950's LA House. Not much news for me, I found a new color mag for my iPad. Colora2z - worth a look Other than that nothing really.

  8. Heather- congrats on being so busy! I have to say, you have amazing visual presentation skills. Your projects aren't even done and they look intriguing and beautiful already.

    Good luck working, working, working. And, good for you taking a break. We all need those no matter how busy we get.

  9. Paula, what a lovely message, thank you! You know, I thought about you, when I was in Piedmont - you would LOVE IT.

    Linda! I'm so thrilled you (unlike my lazy self) made the effort to say hi! That's great news that you're graphically busy - a little *sad* that you're taking the sun away from us, but hopefully this means you'll sell more umbrellas? I'' see you over at yours, soON!

    Pippa - ha, yes! Those lucky, lucky clients... I'm just thrilled to have the opportunity to develop my skill but man alive, it's a reall *effort*. x

    EB! What a lovely message - I hope you're well? There's been tumbleweed in our corridor, for a while, now? How are the paintings going?

    Marie - thank you! I hope they photograph well! (Could you imagine it? All that pain - delighted the clients are happy, but hey, I want my shots! ;)

    ColormeSoftly - thank you, the 50's house is going to be *GREAT*, and it's really coming together, now. Thanks for that link, will have a closer look in a minute.

    Kelly! Phew, I have to admit - not sure whether it's because I'm getting old, or that it's been non-stop since April, but I am pretty shattered. Just hired my 2nd assistant, today (she starts next week!) and so that will help. I'm going to head over to your blog not to see what you've been up to - I feel like such a bad blogger... I hope you're well? I'd love to see what you've been working on, lately.

  10. I know you posted this a while ago but... congrats! I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple years and its exciting to see how you have flourished in your field. BTW, I would love to see your clever storage solutions. Living in a Victorian terrace can make one giddy at the idea of a clever storage solution:)


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