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Monday, 21 March 2011

London Design Week - Pt 1: Fabric Collections

Silks by Zimmer & Rohde, Linens by Kravet

Visiting Chelsea Harbour Design Centre during London Design Week is always a rewarding experience. I popped down, twice, last week to meet with other interior designers (often, it's the only time we have to chat about work) and of course to see the latest fabric collections. I also attended two design lectures. There is so much to share with you that I've decided to split these events into three separate blog posts.

I love this vermilion, especially coupled with graphite/midnight blue - it has such intent.

Calvin Klein

If you really must have it (and who would blame you...), you'll find this at Kravet

This silk velvet has the must lustrous quality and although it's not new - I've been holding on to these samples for a little while, I wanted to show it to you. Silk velvet is not user friendly for 99% of the population because even a drop of water will stain it but we can still dream, can't we?

Edith - Violet

Argh, I LOVE THIS. I'm dying to use this on a current project, either on upholstery or for drapes in the master bedroom. The colours are perfect but the price tag is going to be a tough sell... Donghia also produce the most beautiful furniture - their take on the corner sofa has to be seen to be believed:
It was *painful* to be forbidden to photograph anything, so we'll just have to try to imagine that piece above in this colourway (below) - large cushions in the pink silk. Isn't it just the loveliest palette? 

Sahco Samira reversible  2276-22

The Donghia showroom is currently enjoying a sedate colour palette. If you're in London, you'll just have to go to Chelsea harbour to see it for yourselves - don't miss it.


Zoffany surprised me with their latest collection. It took me a little while to love this but the colours are vibrant and, the context they've placed it in is inspiring. 

The dark navy walls (and clean lines) give the Intaglio design, sourced from their archives, a certain modern relevance and is a perfect example of the power of context. Other favourites were Lelievre for championing Vermillion; Sahco for their silks & Zimmer & Rohde their sheer variety designs.

Where you there, too? What caught your eye? 



  1. Lovely post Heather. I'm in love with the Intaglio fabric. x

  2. From what I understand the metallics and shimmers should be popular choices for 2012. I really like those soft, muted violets and golds mixed with cream - classy yet comforting. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Fabulous post as always. Did you go into Lizzo? I saw a fabric fell in love then the RRP was a kazillion - one day on a project with big budget maybe. Would sit nicely with Edith by Donghia

    I'm looking at Frangipani for a project to sit alongside some Josef Frank.

  4. I feel really inspired and awash with colour having read your post...

    If I was a $5 mood ring from the local market I would currently be doing a Joseph & his technicolour dream coat impersonation. Well more the coat than Joseph but I digress...

    Firstly Gold for such a great post (& I love the metallic’s in there). I am Green with jealousy for being on the other side of the world and not taking a leisurely stroll down Lots Rd to see this first hand. Maybe the shade of green should be for the ambition of being there next year. It may be a little out of the Blue but let’s face it I don’t want to see Red and be in a Black mood if things are in the pink – which they certainly are after seeing the vision painted of the Donghia corner sofa alight with the Pink cushions.

    OK so it’s not a colour I would naturally skip to but I am sold! I love the sofa design. It is just so clean and stylish.

    It took me a minute to get my head around the Zoffany fabric – not at all what I would expect. I had to warm up to the idea but now I am there. I am totally with you re the Victorian Purple combination. That is exquisite. Having said that I keep going back to the Frost picture. Something about that really captures my attention – Its intriguing as I don’t know why.

    Really looking forward to Part II.

  5. We're seeing a lot of shimmer and shine here too! Will have to check out Zoffany collection ... looks amazing

  6. Fabulous post! I too love that Donghia fabric, just gorgeous! Great photos Heather, I too am sorting out my LDW many beautiful fabrics that I literally drooled over ;)

  7. I like the new close up photography on the fabric. The silks and lines are my cup of tea... but wow is that vermillion...BRIGHT!! I think I need to see it in the flesh so to speak. 'Intent' is indeed the correct word.

    I also wanted to say before that I love how you proposed the Frangipani.

    I would not have picked it up - it's not my style at all, and I definitely would not use it to upholster the chair. Yet the way you've held it up against the two colours, well, it's just transported to another realm.

    Love how minds can be changed to easily when given an alternative context. You have a fantastic eye for colour Heather. It's so refreshing.

  8. Hi there. I just discovered your beautiful blog! What a great post... I'm living vicariously through you!

    Angela x

  9. oh what treasures. they're all gorgeous but that grey silk velvet is stunning. would love my arm chair (that desperately needs work) to be covered in that.

  10. I'm looking at either Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball or Blue Blood by PPL for a client and Intaglio would be fabulous with it but client doesn't like!!! Can't believe it

  11. Ooh, loved looking at these and I wish I could touch them as well. That Frangipani motif by Zoffany reminds me of a Helen Frankenthaler painting.

    You are so lucky to live in London. Do you ever go to the Wallace Collection? I know you're more of a modernist, but it's worth it to go there, walk up that amazing staircase and listen to all the clocks ticking as you view amazing masterpieces.

    Thanks for sharing these with us.

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  13. Heather I adore what I am seeing here; just gorgeous! I dream in color and of beautiful fabrics art and design!

    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!

  14. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging this year & have just finished off my own blog on fashion, food, travel & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.


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