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Monday, 1 November 2010

A Truly Modern European Experience

HAND Lyon - conseil et aménagement d'intérieur - réalisation  aménagement appartement à Tassin

I have a thing about round mirrors - there's something about the shape that pleases me. Mirrors in general are excellent value; fitting in all kinds of areas; inviting  whole new worlds into darkened corners. 

HAND Lyon - design et mobilier contemporain - SOCIETY - linge de maison

That bath is on my hit list - don't you just love the balance of simplicity vs functionality ?

HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu

I love the clean blocks of colour, so understated. Gorgeous.

Mano by HAND - atmosphère et ambiance place Gailleton
HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu
HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu
HAND Lyon - atmosphère rue de fleurieu
Mano by HAND - atmosphère et ambiance place Gailleton
House HAND - 8 rue de Fleurieu - 69002 LYON 

This shop is in Lyon, France and the owners have got it right when it comes to the layering of colours, textures and lighting - great styling and gorgeous products. I see aspects of Scandinavian, Italian and British design (hello, Tom Dixon lights) and the complete look is modern and truly European and yet, it would fit in any urban environment around the globe. 

I'm off to Paris, again, this Friday (bridesmaid duties), and, sadly, I wont have time to pop down to Lyon this time, however this shop is rocking my world... Thank you Jules from the The Diversion Project for flagging this one up. Excellent find.

In case you're heading that way too; other great shops to visit in France are:

111 bd Beaumarchais,

Astier de Villatte - read more here
173 rue Saint Honoré

Ets Lion - read more here
7 rue des Abbesses

8 rue de Fleurieu


  1. you're welcome treasure, certainly looks like a brilliant shop, right?! love your other selections too, and i'm v.jealous about quick jaunts to paris.

    I just noticed an image in the post below that is in one of my triptychs! the bike one. that's so cool, great minds think alike :)

    have a great trip x

  2. Gorgeous stuff! We were kind of on the same page today! I adore mirrors too, they open up a room so beautifully! XX!


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