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Thursday, 11 November 2010

the art of simplicity

The designers have created a compelling narrative by integrating a variety of surface areas with key features. Layering colours, enhanced by both direct and indirect lighting, make these spaces versatile and inspiring spaces to be in.

Controversial choice of wallpaper for a bedroom? Not at all: it's the sheer scale/volume of the pattern that quietens it down. That said, I'd love to see what it would look like if we could swap the painting for (you guessed it) a round mirror. My feeling is that it would soften the room a little. Although, the lighting is certainly doing it's job...

Love this.

What a fantastically creative idea - the hanging bedside lights as key features.

It's all in the details: clean lines, great natural lighting and the artefacts speak for themselves.

Now, I have to say it, there are certain shades of blue that make me feel, well, blue and this is one of them. The bedside lights are great but I'd love to see the painted recess lit up; warmed up, if you will. Looking at this image, I was reminded of a building I spotted in Paris over the weekend - love the recessed lighting, it's so effective, wouldn't you agree?

 overlooking the Pompidou Centre in Paris

Architect and Interior design firm, Ashe + Leandro have created some truly spectacular spaces. Their work with colour and lighting is so inspiring and to my eye, they're mastered the Art of Simplicity. I'm curious, what do you think of the bedroom [recessed] wall painted blue?

P.S. Thank you Louise at Table Tonic  for flagging this one up via twitter.


  1. yes, i love ashe + leandro's work, have featured a few of their projects before. Very indivdual style, brilliant.


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