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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dear Decorex, I love you.

a small collection of my favourite things, so far
I love this chair by Tamarisk  (all pieces produced here in the UK)

ever see anything quite like these? I love the binoculars! By Antiques By Design
I'm an immediate fan of any designer who can make wall lights sexy

Styling / Design

Cabbages & Roses had the best stand, hands down!

gorgeous linens and ticking popped up a few times
I love this triple warp fabric by NYC based designers Pollack 
Silk fabric wallpapers in gorgeous colour palettes - such luxury!
 Dn Designs make beautiful tiebacks - I adored their presentation 

As you know, it's London Design Week, and although there are a number of good trade shows on, the Decorex show is outstanding. I have to go back on Wednesday because there are so many great stands and lovely people to chat too that it just isn't worth rushing.

A couple of highlights, so far: I was delighted to meet both Charlene Mullen (who I will be posting about, later) and Niki Jones. I'm such a fan of Niki's products and, particularly her website which I think is so well done - you get a real sense of who she is. Having met her, I was quite taken by how lovely and generously spirited she is in person.

Concentric Cushion Covers

         I love these concentric cushion covers

People who work hard and who are generous with information are going to be the stars in this newly forming share society or otherwise known as 'Collaborative Consumption' (via the brilliant Uncluttered White Spaces website). After all, transparency is a compelling show of brand confidence. 

What Niki Jones stands for (read her manifesto) instils a sense of loyalty in her customers. Her products are often on my boards; I want my clients to buy from her and visiting her site feels good. It's little wonder to me that she's doing so well. And when you take into account that she launched just a year ago...well, that's an incredible achievement by anyone's standard.

Other highlights: Emily Bond - charming doggy prints and  Barbara Coupe's Cool Britania - hand embroidery!

More to follow, soon...



  1. If I click my heels 3 times, and wear ruby red shoes - do you think I could make it there before Decorex finishes? Prob not. Oh well, at least you can take pretty pictures and post about them. ALMOST the same thing (-:

  2. Ha! Linda, don't sweat it, I am on the case! There is still so much to see, so will be posting again, on Thursday - I'll make an extra special effort just for you. :)

  3. so jealous right now...sooooo jealous right now! all looks brilliant darl, thanks for sharing. how cool to meet nikki jones - big fan of hers after reading an interview in Red. love the faceted tieback, that's sensational!

  4. This show looks wonderful....enjoy, I wish I were there. xv

  5. I'm also a big fan of Niki Jones Heather. Some good spots here - I didn't see those gas mask lamps! Mad.


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