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Monday, 26 April 2010

Need a place to stay?

                                      5 bedroomed house in NYC

Remember the 'Ash cloud' drama a few weeks days ago? Well, Joanna Goddard, the delightful writer of the one of the best lifestyle blogs out there; A CUP OF JO, posted a link to this website. - 'travel like a human' (I think they should work on that tagline), is being referred to as the 'eBay of Lodging' and you can see why; the prices are outstanding. This 5 bedroomed house in the Lower East side of Manhattan caught my eye. Just look at the interior! I love the smashed mirrored tiling - the contrast between that an every other surface area is endlessly pleasing. (Not to mention the yellow in the bathroom - bliss.) The next time I go to NYC, you can bet I'll be staying there.

p.s.What a fantastic website; it's informative and super easy to use. Oh, and it's international, too.  


  1. Wow, how cool. Thanks for the link - have been semi-planning our next OS trip and was thinking about the states. will have to go take a look through!

  2. Heather, oh my gosh, so gorgeous! I adore exposed brick, can't get enough of it. And this bathroom is totally going in my inspiration folder! GREAT blog, I am delighted to find you and I'll be following so I can see lots more! XO!

  3. Jules - delighted to pass it on; maybe you'll blog about the experience? I'd love to do that: travel and stay in all kinds of homes and places, writing about the people I met...

    Shari - well, my dear, the admiration is shared! Your blog is really, really good; I feel so flattered; I may need to go and have a little lie down... Thank you so much, that was great comment. Made my day. xx


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