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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rachel Khoo: Tasteful Colour Palettes

                                          Rachel Khoo
I feel as though I've just crawled out from the right side of an intensely busy week... One aspect of January that I really appreciate is how very busy it tends to be and as a result, time just flies - I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post.

Last week saw the signing off of two projects; the submitting of tax returns. New projects start this week and it's always an exciting time. I spent the best part of yesterday doing something I love most in the world: talking about colour. Working with clients who understand the importance of colour and getting it absolutely right are such a dream to work with. However, introducing a new colour palette to a client who may not have considered a world beyond magnolia is a high point because when they see it - and they usually do, it's unlikely that they will ever look at colour in the same way again.

Just this morning, whilst idly searching for inspiration, I came across food stylist Rachel Khoo's  website. Really, she is more than a food stylist; Rachel understands colour on an intuitive level. You may want to go and have look: wonderful stuff


  1. Yes, I must say I was missing your posts already.
    The first shot (with the colour swatch by its side) is just gorgeously delicious.
    It’s so nice when we work with clients that really understand the importance of colour and how it affects us and the environment. Colour is the most untouchable thing in the world yet the thing that most affects us.
    Good luck with your new projects. Looking forward to see “work in progress”.

  2. Oh, thank you Eliana. Yes, the first shot is pretty interesting. I have seen one other interior design website where they used a block of colour (relating to the image) on each page. It's such a great idea; I wish I had thought of it first...

    I've been taking images (inspired by your take on adding only original images to the blogging world) and I want to upload in progress shots but it seems just wrong showing the guts of my work, as it were. I'm not a fan of design websites that show before and after images. I understand that some people may want to see that, but it just feels disrespectful to the client and seems unprofessional. I'm going to think about it. (I know blogs are more informal...) I'll send you some photos/or show you when I see you next. H

    Anyway, I have a date with your blog later tonight; you have been busy...

  3. mmmm. . . that reminds me, there's some pound cake for dessert here somewhere. . . those look so good!


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