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Sunday, 11 March 2018

How to Future Proof Your Home | Part 1: THE KITCHEN

48" Dual Fuel PRO Range Cooker

TRUE TO FOOD: "Through precision, performance and versatility", leading American brand, Signature Kitchens, launched an incredible KBIS 2018 show in Orlando, Florida. I can honestly say that I've never seen anything like it. From designing the first built-in sous vide range cooker, to intergrated Smart tech using Amazon Alexa technology, it was a riviting introduction to the show. In fact, as we walked through the show it became clear that nearly all the leading brands had integrated Smart Tech into their new appliances - more of that later. What struck me about Signature was that they had developed a range of home appliances that were able to talk to each other. I know. It's insane. Let's unpack that..

INTRODUCING: LG InstaView™ ThinQ Refridgerator
LG LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator
THE FUTURE IS HERE: Smart Insta View Refrigeration, by LG. This fridge has Amazon Alexa technology embedded into it. 1. You’re able to check the contents of your fridge via your phone, whilst shopping for groceries. 2. You can download a recipe and instruct the oven to turn on at the ideal temp, via the fridge without having to wash hands to check your phone, or turn a page in a recipe book etc. 3. You’re able to run a diagnostic test to check for any vaults. And that’s just the start. Using the Amazon Alexa Tech. this fridge can be programed to communicate with your Smart Tech. Range Cooker, which can activate your hoover, whilst you're at work. I know. And it's happening quickly and they're already here, in the UK, available for sale at John Lewis. 

Hands down, this is the most impressive technological advancements in kitchen equipment, since Meile designed the first washing machine. Life enhancing, game changing: I love it.

In fact, if you want a really good visual intro to this piece of wonder, you can watch the short video I posted on Instagram, or you can watch this interview with the delightful Carey from RC Willey and Norman from LG- or both! Either way, definitely have a look. (UK prices start at around £3000.)


So this is where things get interesting: Leading US brand Thermador (who certainly know how to throw a party - one of the best parties I've been to in maybe a decade....) introduced a very interesting open platform call Home Connect. This is the first solution in the world, to allow home appliances from different brands to be controlled with a single app. The system is designed as an open platform that will keep evolving to cover a growing range of services. Although launched as a Global Solution, it is currently offered in the US and Canada through BSH Home Appliance Corp. (Although home appliances fitted with the Home Connect Function and the accompanying app have been available in the US since October 2016.)


 INDUCTION HOBS have not received the attention they deserve, until now. In fact, I've had an ongoing conversation with one of my clients, about the benefits of installing an induction hob - space saving, child friendly etc. but two sticking points that kept coming up: my client couldn't see how you could stirfry on an induction hob and, as a busy, working mother of two small children, she was concerned with the length of time it would take to heat up and prepare food. Until now. Thermador have put their thinking caps on and solved this issue, once and for all. The new smart, intuitive features allow for greater control and ease of use. How? By fitting the hob with 48 induction elements, this intuitive product automatically recognises the size, shape and position of cookware on the surface. Meaning: you can pick your pan up and put it down anywhere on the hob and the indction elements will recognise it, transporting the heat immediately.

And that's just one feature. There are other well considered features such as the Freedom Teppanyaki Pro, Freedom Sapphire Glow and Cooktop Hood Sync. If that isn't enough, this product is fitted with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect  and so you're able to exchange information and control the hob via the app on your phone. What a time to be alive... 

Do you have an Amazon Alexa - do you use it, regularly? If not, familiarise yourself with the technology because it's going to become as integral to our daily lives as the mobile phone.

Next up... 

How to Future Proof Your Home | Part 2: BATHROOMS


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