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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Atomic Antiques

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This morning I had coffee (and birthday cake) with my sister in Borough Market - for 3 weeks of the year we're the same age (34) and so we split the weeks down the middle and take the time to congratulate ourselves on this recurring oddity. On my cycle back to Islington, I passed Atomic Antiques - one of those quirky little shops tucked in between bits of Shoreditch cool. Their window displays are confidently understated and they seem to change daily/weekly which I think is a sign of a healthy business. If you're in the area you really should pop in. Each time I do, I fall in love.

Current pash: the teal/blue early 50's sofa which is in great condition and the bronze round mirror that lights up, casting a warm (read: flattering) glow. I'm also quite taken with the 1940's writing/dressing desk and very reluctantly - because I want this desk but I really don't need it, I will tell you that it's £490. (In mint condition.)

The Forties and Fifties seemed to be about capturing a flattering view of life. What do you think they'll say about the early 21st Century?


  1. Love the mirrors and the thing about that era is it still works today unlike the 80's for example!

  2. Heather, I love your blog and so beautifully inspirational. The bathroom pic looks amazing. I'm so proud of you. xx Jacq

  3. Maria - yes, I'm a soft target for anything that lights up 'like magic'. I bought a table made out of a washing machine drum because it lights up...

    Jacq - thank you! Please let me know when yours is up; you'll be so good at this blogging business. x

  4. I wandered on over to your website and had a look at your work. Fabulous and very inspiring! I thought to myself, 'ah, that's how a professional does it.' Well done:)

  5. MB - Look, now before we all get excited and everythin', my website is broken - I was trying to update info whilst a whole new website is under way and it decided to disagree with me. I will however accept the compliment. Thank you!


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