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Saturday, 14 February 2009

project: yellow

This time last year I went to have lunch at the Wapping Project. I couldn't quite believe my eyes: an entire show dedicated to the colour yellow! And what a show it was, yellow umbrellas dancing in the trees, greeting me with a warm cheery wave that was reminiscent of visits to my grandmother, as she sat on the porch watching us pull up on the grey pebbled driveway.

Later, after a lung bursting ascent up the swirling steel staircase, I came across a surprising sight: a small sailing boat tethered to a glowing box of yellow perched on a mini lake on the rooftop; overlooking the River Thames, as if it were a baby whale hugging the flanks of it's mother.

God, I love this city.


  1. Hi, Heather. I see you like much yellow; well, I'm white, not yellow, but I'm bearded...
    I'm joking. I stoped to you 'couse I like architecture, I like England and I like London. Best regards, Dan, or

  2. In fact, this is my main site (or, better said, one of them); it seem to me more simple to comunicate through worldpress, you can see who visited you and so on, but as you know I have yet some blogs on bloggspot.
    I'll come back, Dan,

  3. Hi Dan, yes, I've had a look at your various blogs, do you have images of your work on any them?

    I'm trying to work out how to use wordpress (the idea of being able to see who visits my blog is an intriguing one...)

    Is it possible to move from 'Blogger' to 'Wordpress' or am I not understanding the basics here?



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