Ilse Crawford: the Humancentric Designer

Thursday, 25 April 2013

She has me at scale and proportion... Just beautiful.

Love the way the light flows through the space, dancing a different dance, throughout the day...


Such skillful layering of colour, surfaces areas and pattern...

There are no words for how much I love interior designer's Ilse Crawford's work. Looking at some of the images, she's puts up, online (merely a fraction of what she creates), it feels like coming home, for me. I might as well be looking at old photographs of my beloved grandfather, for the quiet joy, they fill my being.

Do you have a particular designer, or artist, or writer who speaks a language your soul understands? 


  1. I've often admired Ilse Crawford's work and it was a while before I became aware that many of the interiors I liked were in fact hers. Only very recently did I buy her books and realise how closely I identify with her design ethos. I like to think of my interiors as client-centred but I love the description 'human centric' . I can see just where you are coming from with this post. Triciax


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