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Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Perfect Sunday: Podcasts; Pavarotti & Pies

Every year I bake around 200 mince pies which I then box up, with a rather grandiose ribbon, and gift them to my clients and all the people in my team that help me throughout the year. And so, you know, they've gotta be good! And they are. 

Just for you, my beloved readers, I am sharing with you the recipe which is [heavily] based on the Claridges recipe for mince pies. I've made my own alterations and they are as follows: 

Filling: It is just not necessary to make the mincemeat, I buy the mega-jars at Waitrose adding a healthy dose of brandy, allowing them to, you know, become acquainted... 

Topping: If there is a shortage of chopped hazelnuts at your local shop, ground almonds is a reasonable replacement - but hazelnuts are best. Add ground cardamom to the topping (before & after baking) and be generous with that heady spice.

TIP:  when storing them in air tight containers, I like to sprinkle a small handful of ground cardamom over the pies before sealing them, ready to be boxed up. 

I have never tasted a better mince pie in my life. 

Finally, and MOST importantly, the perfect soundtrack to a day spent baking are:

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and if you have a favourite recipe, too, I'd love to hear about it...



  1. Heather, fabulous idea about mince pies to clients. They look super yummy. I had 14 for mulled wine and mince pies on saturday and it made me think.... WHY don't we have either of these lovely things the rest of the year?

    Have a lovely christmas

    Mary (aka @Peagreen98)

  2. Yes, that is a good point - why not more often? I'll tell you why: it's a hell of a lot of work! Could you imagine having to do this all, more than once a year? I guess, though, if we did have them more regularly, then it would probably be easier to do, on every level.

    Actually, 14 sounds like the perfect number for such an event. I'm sure it was a hit.

    Have lovely Christmas, Mary

    p.s. yes, I know who you are! :)

  3. Oh, these sound positively divine. I love just the thought of them; the reality of them must be heavenly. Oh, a hell of a lot of work is right. I am sure every one is appreciated.

  4. Oh, Diana, you should give them a go, seriously. I understand that in Italy, they have quite a different approach to Christmas - food wise, but who doesn't love a little fruit pie? Especially warmed up and served with crème fraiche or mascarpone...


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