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Monday, 20 December 2010

A Handmade Christmas in 5 Easy Steps

In response to the Colour Me Happy blog post on why Christmas colours are notably Red & Green, I felt inspired to share with you something that I've been working on over the weekend.

Christmas Cards
this would make a pretty Christmas card  - I love the blur! Great colours, too.

I've been making my own Christmas cards for years. I took this image of my little friend, the reindeer who sits here on my desk all year round. I like his colours, especially in this image and as far as I'm concerned anything bright and sparkly is festive. Do you make your own Christmas cards? If not, you should, it's really easy...

1. Fold differently coloured card into card like shapes, like so... 

 2. Pull out a variety of wallpaper samples - preferably metallic; if you don't have any good pieces laying around, good ol' sparkly wrapping paper will do.

Wallpapers from Cole & SonHarlequin &ampJocelyn Warner

3. Cut out a few snowflakes, remember, you will be doubling them up, later, so make quite a few. For clear instructions on how to make a paper snowflake Google is your best friend. This, however, maybe going a little too far...

the reindeer messing about in my snowflakes..

4. Cut your decorative paper into strips which you can either glue right down the middle of the card, or, to one side - I have done both. 

TIP: wrap the edges right over onto the back side of the card so you leave a smooth finish.

5. Put the pieces together; make it happen, and...

Voilá! You have all sorts of happy.

Have you made your own, this year? If you have the time/inclination to upload images, pop the links in the comments box, I'd love to see them...


  1. I laughed when you wrote 'wallpaper just laying around' .. the only thing 'laying around' in my house are 2 boys and their lego.

    Loved your cards though .. really loved them. They are great!!

    Merry Christmas and I look forward to reading your blog again next year (-:

  2. Hi, Heather!
    What beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing your talents. :)
    Sadly, I did not make any cards this year (although I did make our own wedding invites a number of years ago!) I'm just happy I got xmas cards out at all!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my recent post. I'm happy to have you as a new follower!
    Looking forward to *knowing* you better in 2011...
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Heather, they are absolutely lovely. I had good intentions - I even stood in Hobby Craft for about an hour - but inspiration eluded me. You are so clever! x

  4. you are wonderful and inspire me a lot! wishes for merry Cristmas from Greece!

  5. Wow, thank you so much! I very nearly didn't post this thinking it was a little too 'Martha Stewart', you know? And so I'm delighted to find that there are a few of you Hobby Crafties out there, too...

    Linda, please know that my wallpaper (and fabric) samples are *colour coded* and filed in individual A3 drawers - I'm a bit special about things like that. However, if you're going to have anything laying around let it be small boys and their Lego! Lovely comment, thank you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas and I'm looking forward to picking up where we left off. :)

    Kelly - It is quite a thrill having you comment on my blog, I am such a fan of your work, especially on Colorbudz. Have a lovely festive break and I look forward to getting to know you better, too! Thank you.

  6. How lovely - I wish I could do stuff like this -I'm good with colour, but unfortunately spatially challenged! Have a fabby Christmas Heather - look forward to meeting up in 2011! x Michaela

  7. Pretty! I felt a little guilty sending you a shop bought one, but Evan and I have been making wreaths, glitter dipped baubles and cinnamon gingerbread man shpaed chocolates since I got off work so I am making up for it now. Full on Martha Stewart! bring it on, its Xmas!

  8. What?! Your card was great! I LOVE the Mr Evan, inclusion - what a cutie... I will be looking to see evidence of this glitter invasion, at my next visit! x


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