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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Getting to Grips with Du Verre Hardware

Anyone who's been reading my blog for a while knows that I prefer to remain autonomous when it comes to products. I only write about products I have, personally, tried and tested and that have pleased me so greatly, that I have to shout it out, or die tryin'...

Last month, I was invited to join BlogTourNYC for a whirlwind trip to meet some of the people behind some of the most dynamic brands in the USA. Although all were based in New York, every brand has an international audience - hence our pretty international group of bloggers.  

It was a fantastic week - I have much to share with you - but what I loved most, were the people I met. Aside from a life enhancing conversation with Veronika Miller, Lori Gilder and Irene Turner, in the back of cab, enroute, I was so taken by how well informed and generously spirited the sponsors were.

One sponsor, in particular; Gina Lubin of Du Verre Hardware, took the time to meet us all, individually. Having been in business for seven years, myself, I was most interested to learn more about the history of Du Verre and what a fascinating history it is.

Gina and Gavin McLean, her founding partner, share a background in architectural glass, retail and furnishings - i.e. they had all bases covered... What I learned was that the reason behind their success is perfectly clear. Being a design led supplier of hardware, they understand the power of narrative. By working with a fantastically diverse range of designers, they invest heavily in the end user experience (much like Apple, do), and what a difference it makes...

As an interior designer - who spends half my life, specifying things for my clients, I was particularly interested to learn that Du Verre Hardware is predominantly made from precision die cast aluminum - which makes shipping a doddle. This process involves some very serious tooling. Die casting produces a high quality and durable casting after which they add finishes to the raw casting by hand. 

Just by looking at them, you can tell how much effort work goes into producing these pieces. What you probably can't tell is how nice they feel, in the hand...

Oh, and all their aluminum is recycled. Now THAT really impresses me.

The best thing of all? You can buy any of the above - and more, directly from their website. I love that. To anyone outside the US, you will be pleased to know that these samples where shipped over in a matter of days and I received them just in time for a client presentation. (Do you want to know which ones they picked? You'll have to wait for the next blog post... (coming soon!)

What do you think? Which one appeals to you the most? I love all of the above, but if I HAD TO CHOOSE, it would be... all of the above. Yeah, so kill me...

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  1. i totally agree on that with you Gina is a fab person :)

  2. Oh it's so great to see a new blog post from you Heather. What beautiful hardware, thank you for sharing this 'secret' - I particularly love the curved handles in the 2nd photo and the intricate cut ones in the 4th. Clean lines with a twist. Love it.

  3. Desiree, she - along with your lovely deep self, was one of of my favourite people, in the tour...

  4. Stephi! I know, I know, I was desperate to write about BlogTour but, with two building projects, i had to hit the ground running, on my first day back. Two days later, I picked up a crazy fever (as you know!) which led to a chest infection which took 3 weeks to lift... Insane.

    On the upside, I absolutely LOVED writing this post - and I have three more really good ones on their way. I think I got my bojo back... (Bojo: blogging voice, obvs.)Thanks so much for the lovely comment. Clean lines, with a twist, indeed.

  5. Great post Heather! You're right, Gina was a jem!
    Cheers form Chicago!


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